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My work (plates and albarellos) generally reflects health and disease and their relationship to the body.

I use the albarello form which is an apothecary jar used commonly in the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

I am inspired by the work of 16th-century printmaker, Hans Sebald Beham and most of the images I use are appropriated from his oeuvre. The patterns that frame the imagery are also Renaissance in origin, those designs are on many Italian majolica pieces from that period. The imagery is intertwined with my own personal experience of life, health, disease and contemporary culture.

I also make bowls, plates and mugs with images of animals. My experiences as a parent have informed the images used for these functional pieces.
The work I create is for sale. My work is available on the basis of availability and on commission. Prices can be quoted if you contact me.


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